Vision Works


As the saying goes, I believe it was Henry Ford who is most often quoted (or perhaps misquoted) for “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right.”

“I think I can,” said the Little Engine according to my memory from that children’s story, so what happened in between grade school motivational encouragement and this period of “new age” revisionist Mental Science? I dare say many of us have suffered from a blurred, or at best, altered vision of the world and our place in it.

Please do not misunderstand, I am certainly among those that often remain guilty of this unfortunate error in perception, so I do not in any way mean to offend – I do however choose to affirm that our perception of the world and our circumstances is still a choice. We are always able to decide HOW we will react or respond. It is up to us as to how our “Subconscious” or “Inner Man” will be fed by our conscious (or unconscious) thoughts and intentions.

I have much to expand upon this point, and choose to journal these thoughts into this blog as my “Artist’s Way” of working through the process. I awoke with the words “Vision Works” as the answer to a question I have been pondering.

I suspect that this journal will open my mind, and connect the dots to several different projects I have had on the back burner for way too long now. I hope that any of you reading this will be inspired to clarify your own vision, and follow the path and purpose that you believe you are intended to follow. I also envision this blog as the sketchbook for mu testimony – and as they say (whoever “they” are), “More will be revealed.”

As for me, I am reminded daily: “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.”

I think I can!

Writing in the Artist's Way


As a start to this process, I just wanted to take a minute to open the door for anyone else who might be saying “What am I supposed to write about?”

I recall a book (actually a great 12-week program) called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron really helped me out a lot at one time. The main takeaway was to journal three pages of stream-of-conscious writing every morning – the very first thoughts of the day – and then just move on… don’t even proof read or review it. After a few days (or weeks) I actually was used to the idea, and had made a ritual out of it. Helped work out a lot of stuff at the time, and notice where I was being blocked with minutia or other unconscious “committee talk” in my head.

Thanks to Dave & Dave for inspiring me to get back on track with this. It is truly a great way to get aligned,

BTW, I highly recommend you check out The Artist’s Way for yourself… I just might revisit it as part of this blog moving forward…

I will set up a link HERE once I get familiar with the Empower Network process, and my own developments with this system. Meanwhile, I’m curious to know (a) if you like the idea of trying out The Artist’s Way, or b) why you would not consider trying it out?

Comments welcome!

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